A Guide to Vectors 

A brief introduction to vectors. 
A Guide to Vectors 
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Vectors Graphics 
For the best results on our projects, to eliminate costly delays and to ensure your brand is displayed to the highest quality we require any logos / graphics to be supplied as a vector graphic. 
Vectors are commonly used for the design and production of logos, fonts, drawings, illustrations and signage. A vector file allows a graphic to be scaled to any size without compromising on the graphic quality. A vector is generally made up of lines and shapes to create a graphic or logo. Austin Reynolds Signs accept a range of formats including AI, EPS and vectored PDF files. 
Many of our clients supply us with vector ready logos that we are then able to use to create the signage they want. However, some clients do not have a vector logo and they require us to create or redraw their logo for them. We are happy to provide this at a small charge if required. If your brand requires any specific colours we ask that you let us know the colour references so we can try and match any colours for you. 
A common mistake our clients make is supplying a file with what they believe to be vector artwork but is in fact a bitmap which is often unusable and would not give a crisp finish when used in creating any signage. When a bitmap is increased in size and used for signage it will appear blurred and pixelated. 
Our clients expect high standards from us, and we expect the same. 
Whatever your particular signage needs, large or small, multi-location or one-off, we offer a fast, efficient and responsive service. 
We offer a wide range of thermoplastic road and parking solutions such as thermoplastic line markings, stencils, disabled symbols, arrows, speed roundel, letters and numbers.  
Providing highly quality, versatile and effective solutions for controlling traffic and traffic speed. From high friction road surfacing to reflective posts. 
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